Does your Dog Need Registration Papers?

Does your Dog Need Registration Papers? Papers from an official Kennel Club or other organization does not guarantee the quality of your puppy, only what its breed is and the pets parentage. If you wish to participate in a purebred dog show, you will be required to show papers.

Many people will obtain registration papers if they plan on breeding their dog. You cannot sell a dog as a purebred unless both parents have proper registration. No dog should be bred until it has demostrated that it is a proper example of the breed. This can be done via dog shows and by having a veterinarian test the animal for any genetic defects.

If you are not interested in taking your pet to dog shows or breeding it, then getting your pet registered may not be necessary.

Many people do obtain registration papers for their pets. If there is ever a question of ownership of your dog (like a seperation or divorce) registration papers could be useful in proving ownership.

Remember, only true purebred are eligible for registration papers, many of the trendy designer dogs are not purebred and cannot be registered.

So you have decided you want to obtain papers, what now? Only the original breeder can obtain registeration papers from the Kennel Club. If you purchased your puppy directly from the breeder this should be a simple process. Note however that the breeder must have had the both parents properly registered, or they will not be able to provide you registration.

If you did not purchase directly from the breeder, then you can ask the previous owner(s) for that information. If you can't trace the breeder that way, you should look for a permanent identification mark on your pet. This may be either an implanted chip or a tattoo. Many breeders tattoo all their puppies with a series or numbers that indicate who the breeder is and what litter the puppy was from. Your veterinarian or local animal shelter should be able to help you.

If you are not the original purchaser from the breeder, the breeder does not have to help you obtain papers, but most will, providing you can prove ownership.

If you are buying a dog the claims to be registered make sure you see the papers at the time of sale.