Bethany CT Adopt Korra A Black With Tan Yellow Or Fawn German Shepherd Dog Husky

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We Adopted Korra From A Shelter When She Was 1. She Turned 3 This October. Korra Has A Strong Personality. She’s Quirky And Very Sweet. Korra Is Very Smart And Food-motivated So She Was Easy To Train Tricks Such As Sit, Lie Down, Roll Over, Turn Around, Play Dead And Shake. She Gets Along Great With People And Kids And Loves Giving Kisses. She Can Play Aggressively And Be Intense With Other Dogs Or Pets So She Would Do Best In An Only Pet Household. She Loves Being Outside And Running Around So A Fenced In Yard Would Be Ideal, But As She’s Gotten A Little Older She Is Also Very Happy Lounging Around And Looking Out The Window. She Thrives With A Routine. She Is Beeper Collar Trained And Is Very Responsive To It.

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