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Meet MALA! This Cute Gal Was Brought In By The Emmett City Police. The Neighborhood City Children Were Teasing Her Relentlessly Through The Wire Fencing Even Though She Is Very Reactive Behind A Fence And Has A Strong Guard Instinct. She Had A Rough Past And Is Now So Ready For A Bright And Happy Future! We Are Very Excited To Have MALA Join Us And Know She Will Get An Awesome Home! MALA Is A Loving And Very Sweet Dog Who Is Happy To Be With People She Trusts. She Is Scared And Reactive To Strangers And Especially To People In Uniform. With Delicious Treats And Encouragement, She Is More Receptive And Accepting Of New People. She Is A Favorite With PAL Volunteers And They Often Take Her Home. Per The Volunteers: Loves To Ride In A Car, Comes When Called, Used To Being Groomed, Is Housetrained. Loves Toys (see Video), Treats, Belly Rubs, Attention, And To Be With Her People. Does Not: Jump Fences, Dig, Chase Cars, Urinate When Scared.

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