FifeLake MI Adopt Joey A Black With White Australian Shepherd Border Collie Mixed Dog

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Joey Is 3 Years Old We Got Him When He Was 2 And He Doesn’t Get Along With Our Other Dog, Or Really Any Other Dog. He Is Very High Energy So He Needs To Go Somewhere That Will Be Able To Accommodate That. He’s Very Gentle With Children And Fairly Decent With Cats. He Won’t Go After Them But He Will Run Away When They Come Near Him. He Doesn’t Attack Other Dogs, But Instead Will Run Away From Them And Howl To Get Away From Them. He’s Really Good At Herding, But He Does Not Have Formal Training. He Tends To Be A Little Controlling. We Would Keep Him But He’s Just Not Happy Having To Run Away From Our Other Dog All The Time And It’s Not Fair To Get Rid Of Our Other Dog That We’ve Had For Longer.

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