Gloucester VA Adopt Ginger A White With Brown Or Chocolate Jindo Terrier Unknown Type

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Ginger Is A GREAT DOG! She Is House-trained; Relaxed And Friendly With New Guests; Unafraid Of Cars, Vacuums, Strangers; Calm With Dog-savvy Children And Babies; Polite And Affectionate; Crate-trained, Knows Sit And Down, Polite On A Leash. + She Travels Very Well - Fostered September 2021 In South Korea. May 2022 We Flew Her From South Korea To California And Drove With Her, 5 Other Dogs, And Our Luggage From California To Virginia. Calm And Easy In The Car! + She's Fairly Calm. When Our 6 Dogs Visited My Mom's Home With Her Chickens And Rabbits, Ginger Was The Most Relaxed And Was Able To Ignore Her Prey Drive Instead Of Trying To Eat The Small Pets. + She's Friendly! When People Knock On Our Door, She Comes To Greet Them. She Doesn't Bark, And She Keeps Her Paws To Herself, But She Wags Her Tail, Comes For Pets, And Rubs Her Head Against Them. Korean Sapsali/Jindo Mix Personality Clash With One Of Our 6 Dogs, Tolerates Bath Time, Dislikes Nail Trimming. 26 Lb, 2-5 Years Old

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